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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wheels within wheels: linking your way through the internet.

 Following on from my adventures in statistical discoveries I have be getting more and more intertwined in the wonderful world of RSS feeds, automatic inter-site posting  and links. I’m sending my blogs to Facebook and Twitter, showing my tweets on Smashwords, and putting up links all over the place. Now I can spend ages running in circles around all my various sites. It’s not very productive, but is strangely compelling, hypnotic even…

 Where was I? Oh yes, links. I was looking at linking my various sites together through standard web-links when I started paying more attention to the automatic-posting type. I discovered that RSS is your friend, and it’s well worth getting acquainted with this if you haven’t already.
I stumbled across a useful site called recently. This lets you setup RSS feeds to, amongst others, Twitter and Facebook, useful for automatically generating traffic that will potentially reach a larger audience than is available by blogging and forum-posting alone.

Blogging my facebook off:
I’d been told about posting blogs to Facebook a while ago, but didn’t want to clog up my personal-space with posts about my writing. I have some non-writing friends, work colleges, and various family members on Facebook. They collectively have little to no interest in my writing, so I’m also in the process of setting up a Facebook group, to put all my writing related stuff in. I intend to post my Blog-stuff to here, as well as any book and short-story releases or anything else writing-related that I can think of. The group seems to be a good way to keep this separate from my personal account, so expect to see links to that soon!

To Tweet, tweet, tweet
I’ve had a Twitter account for some time, but have to confess that I haven’t really had much use, or time, for it. Like Facebook, I found Twitter to be good in principle but in practice… well I didn’t get much practice with ether of them to say much about it. That all changed when I found out that circular-data-distribution (pointing stuff at other stuff, that you point at other stuff…) really does work; at least in the short-term.
I’ve got this very Writing Blog twittering away, via twitfeeder. And the tweets point back here. From here there are a variety of normal links that can take people to various web-places all about me! Er, I mean about my writing.

I’ve also found out that I can allow visitors to setup RSS feeds to my Blog via the ‘Subscription Links’ widget; another easy way for people who are not on Blogger to keep up to date with my ramblings.

I’m not sure if you can overdo all this linkage, but right now I’m finding out more useful ways of utilising things I’d heard of, but had little use for, on a daily basis.
So what do you think, is it all good, or can you overdo it?

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