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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Planning my Path to the Punters

I’ll tell you what; this marketing lark isn’t for the faint-hearted is it!
Ok, so my first Novelette (assuming 11K is too short for a novella) has passed its Smashwords checks and has now moved from ‘Pending approval’ to ‘Approved.’
Hooray for notepad!
So I sat staring at my one sale. Well it’s a start, but now what; I thought. I had already done some posting to a couple of readers forum sites (nothing too hard-sell) and I had already set up this blog. But I’m going to have to do a lot more than that to let my potential punters know about my writings.

To this end I’ve come up with a basic plan for getting my name out there. The following graphics shows what I’ve ether done or am in the process of doing just now:

So what do you think? Have I covered the basics or is there some gleaming omission? Are all of these things productive? I’ve heard it said that you have to have a twitter and Face-book presence nowadays, but it doesn’t really generate sales.
I’m hoping to attract people to the web-site through posting and with free teaser stories based on the OtherWhere series, as well as some free unrelated short-fiction work.
The general aim is to get as muck links to my stories out there as possible in suitable places. So, hopefully some potential readers will stumble across something and be intrigued enough to pay a nominal fee to read more. The amount of the fee isn’t important to me just now. My main interest is to see if I can entice people into paying for my work, hopefully for each of the six Novella-length releases that are planned over the next couple of years.

I’m currently thinking up some other, non-internet, ways of promotion as well. But I want to setup some sort of internet presence first. If nothing else it’s something to point people at.

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