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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m a bit new to this blogging malarkey, so bear with we and we’ll see how it goes.
Ok, so I’m a writer… That is, I have written some stuff, and want to be a writer…

Hmm, I’ll try that againe. Hello I’m Garry, I want to publish a novel some day. How are you?

Er, am I getting the hang of it yet? No! Ah well, try, try again.

Why am I a writer? Well mostly because I like to write. Is there any another definition?
I’ve had some short stories published commercially online and accepted to anthologies, I’ve even been paid real money for the privilege. 
A couple of these stories are available to view free at Every Day Fiction and Every Day Weirdness.

I’ve also released a few short-stories onto the free e-book scene, and at least one of them ‘One Day in summer’ is currently doing fairly well over on the FeedBooks website, and it’s free to download too! So feel free to check it out.

Like many other wannabe writers I am, of course, currently working on that illusive first novel; currently titled: ‘The Colour of Silence’; but in the meantime I’m also getting set to release a series of Novella-length stories onto the e-book scene.
I’m initially planning a series of six stories all under the ‘OtherWhare’ banner. I’ve currently got a bit of a test-site up about these books. So,  if you are interested, you can have a look at these here OtherWhere.
Hopefully I’ll get around to updated and moving this site to a banner free home soon.

The 'OtherWhere' Novellas and ‘The Colour of Silence’ Novel are all more psychological based fantasy books, but you won’t find any Wizards Witches or, dare I say it, Vampires here. ‘OtherWhere’ is set in the twisting realms of the mind, and ‘The Colour of Silence’ is set in a world not unlike our own mixed with a steam-punk version of Victorian England.

I dare say I’ll be blogging about all these things in detail when the muse takes me, but in the meantime that’s about it as far as an overview of my writing goes.
Feel free to have a look at my work, and I hope to see you back; to read my updates, musings, or any other nonsense that happens to cross my fevered brow; soon…

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hey Garry, welcome to the blogosphere. I noticed you left a comment on my Crusade post, just wanted to let you know we're not taking on any more Cruaders this Crusade, but keep an eye out for next Crusade :)



  2. Thanks for replying.
    Crusade I said, I dont think I'm quite ready for a crysade yet anyway, but I am interested.

    I may have amased enough training before the next Crusade starts though ;)

    And I'll follow the blog anyway, looks interesting.