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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Hello to anyone still reading this….

It’s almost Christmas again and I’ve hardly written anything this year, well I’ve hardly written any fiction. I’ve been too busy with other non-fiction stuff (mostly programming related projects) and have spent a lot of my spare time on my Indie games programming.

Hopefully 2014 is the year I get my OtherWhere stories finished once and for all, maybe then I can try and actually do something with them… or not.

I don’t get book-tokens for Christmas anymore, but the pre-paid Waterstones and Smiths cards are already arriving (so I can buy myself something I’d like for Christmas), isn’t progress wonderful.
Once again I can unwrap the books I’ve bought, from them to me, on the 25th and get a big surprise… well to be fair my family and friends do all know my memory is really bad.
The thing is I’ve no idea what to get this year. There’s the latest DiskWorld book of course, but I will be getting that as part of my presents from my wife… which is why I haven’t bought it already.
I’m changing jobs at the end of January as well, so I’ll probably need some more programming books, but I’m loathed to get these as someone’s present to me –looks of disappointment and confusion generally follow this, as they’ve told me to ‘buy something nice.’

So any ideas on what good Fantasy/SF books are out there?
What is Santa bringing you?

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